Basketball is one of the sports in which the more you develop and work on a skill, the more it is going to help you in performing like an expert on the basketball court. There are many skills that one needs to learn in basketball. Firstly, you need to learn the fundamentals of basketball and then comes the turn of basic skills such as shooting, passing, dribbling(ball handling), rebounding, footwork, offense and defense.

In addition to these basic skills are of great importance for developing a good basketball team. There are some other basketball skills that are essential in the game. These include agility, quickness, jumping and speed. There might be some people saying that these skills are naturally present in a player and there is no need to develop them. It is not right at all. For example, only a player with great jumping ability will be able to perform better defense and rebounding moves as compared to a player who is bad at jumping. Similarly, quickness in a player is also important. Because a player who is quick at executing different moves will play wonderful on the court. The reason to mention these examples is to clear you that each skill carries a different purpose. All these different basketball skills can be improved and developed by practicing drills that are specific for each skill.

How Basketball Skills are Developed?

The only way to develop and improve basketball skills is to practice, more practice and more practice. By more and more practice it means to work hard and spend needed time on better training. If you want to supplement your abilities, you need to work hard out of the comfortable zone. There is no definite scale to mention how tough it is to practice and execute a drill. It depends on the enthusiasm of a player that how badly he wants to develop his certain skills. So, gather your spirit on this journey of learning the best basketball skills with

Basic Basketball Skills:

There are many skills that are critical and essential parts of the basketball game. Here, we are mentioning some basic skills that are must to develop if you want to score high in the basketball court.

  1. Shooting
  2. Offense
  3. Defense
  4. Ball handling
  5. passing

All these are basic skills to improve and we have come up with the best training videos for developing these skills. There is a great collection of training material on our site. Below here are some teaching points and related videos for the above mentioned skills.

Shooting is one of the basic skills in basketball or one can say that it is mainly involved in scoring points. It is not just simply shooting a ball instead a player must learn how to throw the ball from different positions and different angles. No matter how good you are at three- point shots or foul shots, it is necessary to learn shooting from different angles. Not only this, but there are some other kinds of shots like a hook shot, dunk shot, three point shot and a free throw.

Developing shooting skill is made easier with our hot product dribble triple threat. This is a collective video in which the coach Ganon Baker not only teaches shooting skills but he will instruct how to shot, pass and drive on the dribble. This training video will open many ways to score high on the basketball court. The instructor of this training DVD will show you many useful actions and how you can learn these powerful actions to score high as compared to your competitors.

This video contains basic information related to basketball training. Moreover, it will teach you passing fundamentals, shooting fundamentals, driving drill series and the importance of dribble triple threat. If you look at the top players of basketball, you will come to know that they are successful because of mastering these various skills. So, if you want to get more opportunities and doors to success for you and your basketball team, have this wonderful training material in your hands and train yourself considerably.

Better developed offensive skills are necessary for scoring high. When you are playing on the basketball court, you are playing in accordance to your strategy. While the opponents are doing the same. So, it is not just a game of shooting ball but the players must have the ability to score creatively as the rivals are also playing effectively on the defensive end of the court. One more thing to mention here is that for playing a great offense, there must be good interaction among the team players. You only get a chance to score while playing and you probably don’t want to lose it. So, work hard on improving and developing coordination among your team players with unstoppable offensive moves Vol 1; perimeter skills.

It is the best video instructed by the epic basketball coach Ganon Baker. He is a top trainer and known for his amazing tips for individual skill development and improvement. This training video contains different tips on how to score effectively. With this video, you will be able to learn lots of scoring moves. This video includes complete guiding points related to different scoring moves. Moreover, it also has other teaching points for scoring from the wing, dribble triple threat, dribble attack moves and finishing moves. So, if you want to bring development in your offensive skills and develop your other skills too, this DVD of unstoppable offensive moves Vol 1; perimeter skills is a must have. It will help you with increasing your stamina and uplift your concentration. There is one more favorite product of ours that is related to scoring.

Scoring high is the main goal of every basketball player. In the super scoring skills DVD, coach Steve is going to teach different points related to scoring in the basketball game. It’s a long span video containing useful actions for forward and reverse pivot series, 1 and 2 foot finishes, anchor leg finishes and advanced 2 minute drill. You can use it for your individual training or for the training of your entire team.

Playing good defense is tricky and you need a solid defensive performance to win the match. You can play great defense by staying near the opponent in such a way that he can’t pass over you and by quickly observing his next moves. And when you have observed what move the opponent is going to do next, try your best to swap his direction. In addition to it, there are some other skills that are of prime importance in defense. These are blocking, stealing and defensive rebounding. Blocking is a kind of best skill in which the defensive player swaps the direction of the ball during the shooting attempt of the offensive player. Stealing is to take the ball from the offensive player and pass it to your teammate when the opponent is dribbling it. It is a kind of recovering the ball from the opponent to yourself or your teammates. Whereas, defensive rebounding is to recover the ball when the offensive player fails in his shooting attempt. Assembly line skill builder is the best training video related to defense.

Coach Jamie will teach you the best drills that prove useful to develop a defensive area. Drills such as the shredder, barbed wire, triple shot weave, 3 on 3 cutthroats are taught in the video and whiteboard diagrams are used to explain them completely. So, if you want to improve your defense and play efficiently on the basketball court, have this excellent training DVD and develop your defensive skills.

Ball Handling; Great Ball Handling Made Easy.

Dribbling (ball handling) skill is of prime importance in the game basketball. It is the way a player moves the ball forward in the court and the moves he performs to take the ball away from the defense. It is important that you know how to dribble the ball because you can’t play by simply moving the ball on the court. There are different types of dribbles that are utilized while playing in the field. These include crossover dribble, between the legs dribble, low dribble, basic dribble, change of pace dribble, behind the back dribble and pull back dribble. A player can master these moves if he wants to be a good ball handler. Keeping the ball in your good control and handling it with your fingertips instead of your palm is also a skill to learn. Also, you must learn to focus on the opposition rather than looking at the ball and use your free hand to protect yourself from the opponents. One more achievement in the dribbling area of basketball is to learn to handle the ball with both hands. There are several drills to improve your ball handling skills. Our site is offering training videos for ball handling skills; great ball handling made easy.

In this instructional video, coach Brian McCormick will instruct the best moves and drills to improve your ball handling skills. All the types of dribbles that are mentioned above are taught in this video. So, buy this amazing video and master your skills in ball handling.

Passing is the most demanding and challenging drill. Passing the ball to your teammate at the right time is difficult. When you are playing the offense, you will be having a circle of players around you. It requires a certain level of intellect to quickly pass the ball to your targeted teammate under all the stress. There are certain passes that a basketball player needs to master such as the chest, outlet and bounce. Passing is a difficult skill but it can be developed by repeated practice of some specific drills. There are certain instructions that you need to keep in your mind while passing the ball. Firstly, you should know the perfect distance between you and your team player before passing him the ball. It means the distance between you and your that teammate to whom you are going to pass the ball should be optimal. To pass the ball simply or swing it depends on the situation. Always look ahead to forward the ball and don’t get disappointed if your teammate didn’t catch the ball. Never lose confidence and keep looking for a scoring chance. A great passer can add tons of value to his team by playing best.

Our site is offering a wonderful training product of 25 killer moves. This DVD is designed to teach freaking good moves to players. Not only you will learn various dribble moves and perimeter moves, but the coach will also instruct some striking moves related to finishing. Moreover, you will also get to know some powerful moves for scoring.

Mandatory Moves and Skills

We have clearly mentioned all the details about 5 basic basketball skills and what training videos are related to developing these skills. In addition to the above mentioned skills, there are many other skills and moves of a basketball game that can be improved by some drills. We at offers a collective training DVD for many other essential moves and skills. This DVD is represented by great coach Ed Schilling and it aids the path of training and development of basketball players. He will train you in a way that the harder you practice the drill during a workout, the easier will be the game for you. Different skills and moves included in this video are boxes close out series, baseline power series, destroyer series, Olympic shooting, 5 point explosion, champions shooting, two man full court and figure 8 shooting. All these drills included in Mandatory moves and skills will help you master various basketball skills.

Final Words

Our main mission is to provide you the best training material regarding basketball games. Our site is loaded with the best training videos and training DVDs that are recorded by basketball professionals and top coaches. You are simply one click away from getting the best training videos at reasonable prices. So, don’t waste your time and buy this amazing collection of basketball instructional videos.