Basketball is the most fun playing sports. Kids are obsessed with this support since their childhood. Become a basketball adroit requires a lot of practice and hard work. Basketball dribbling drills are the ones that are required to practice a lot. Dribbling drills are of various kinds and each of them has its purpose and emphasis. Trainers mostly go with different dribbling techniques with different practice strategies. There are beginner dribbling drills, adult dribbling drills, Fund dribbling drills that could be done by people of different ages. There are also advanced and youth and intermediate dribbling drills. There is another category of game-based dribbling drills with the defender.
Let’s explore the drills in detail.


Beginner dribbling drills:

Beginners are focused to train with such drills in the start that introduces them to basic skills and their terminology. The reason is that beginners should first et the basic idea and knowledge about dribbling then they advance towards exhaustive exercise.
The famous among beginner dribbling drills are:

  1. Pirate Dribbling
  2. Coin Drops
  3. Fox
  4. Competitive Cone Touch Dribbling

Fun dribbling drills:
These drills have been designed to be a source of fun for players so that they don’t get bored while training. The chief advantage of these drills is that any age group can practice them. These are motivated, improve one’s skills, make you feel fresh, and invoke you to practice more.
The famous among fun dribbling drills are:

  1. High Five 1on1
  2. Dribble knockout
  3. F-A-S-T
  4. Cat and Mouse drill

Youth and intermediate dribbling drills:

As the name suggests, the drills are for people of young ages. Their main purpose is to keep players fit and warm up. It has been further categorized into Stationery dribbling drills, Move dribbling drills, and Game-Based Dribbling drills.

Stationery dribbling drills:
You will learn new skills doing this dribbling drill and it focuses on more touches in less amount of time. These types of drills should never be your only option but do opt for these for doing part-time.
The drills incorporated in this category:

Move dribbling drills:

These drills are focused on your movement activities. Movements, Challenges, and Touches train you to move efficiently and effectively.
The drills incorporated in this category:

  • 1v1 Chair Moves – 11 Progressions to Improve Dribbling
  • Gears – Change of Speed Dribbling
  • Speed Ladder Dribbling Series
  • Tight Cone Finishes – One of the Best Warm-Up Drills
  • 2 Dribble Moves To Beat Pressure and Create Separation
  • Dribble Screens

Game-Based Dribbling drills:

  • These dribbling details are focused on the actual game. These simulate the scenario that happens in an actual game. These are advanced and most vital drills to do for being the best player.

The drills incorporated in this category:

  • 1v1 Speed Dribble
  • 1v1 Overlap
  • Beat me to the Left
  • 1 on 1 Dribbling Drill With Random Traps
  • Capture The Flag Dribbling
  • 1 on 1 Grid Drill
  • 1v1 Control Dribble and Retreat with Reads

Advanced Dribbling Drills:
If you want to get adept in ball handling, you should need to perform advanced dribbling drills on daily basis.
The drills incorporated in this category:

  • 3 Ball Dribbling
  • One Hand Pound
  • Cone Grab Finishing Drill
  • Tight Spaces Ball Handling Drill
  • 1v1 Attack With Narrow Cones
  • 1 on 1 Dribbling Drill With Random Traps

1 on 2 Pressure Ball Handling Drill


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