Basketball passing drills are focused on training the ball passing movements in players. As efficiently ball gets passed, more the chances of players to win the game. There are multiple kinds of drills for teaching the best ball passing movement. For daily and best drilling practice, Coaches do practice the basketball passing drills. The team must have strong cooperation and should know how to maintain proper spacing when passing balls in between. There are two major categories of basketball passing drills. One is based on technique and the other is based on a decision.

basketball passing drills
basketball passing drills

Technique based passing drills:

This drill is mostly based on teaching players the technique of passing the ball between team members, saving from opponents. During the pressure build-up, the technique is necessary for passing the ball between players.

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Decision-based passing drills:

Technique based passing drill is important but a technique based drill is far more important. This is the same as ‘Beauty without brains’. To apply the technique we must have decision power as well. Players must know how to defend and make correct decisions while passing the ball.

Below are the mentioned few basketball passing drills:

32 Advance:

          Players make three lines standing on baseline. Only two extreme lines own basketball. They do this drill without any movement, communication, and traveling and at the end of the drill, they do layups. Layups purpose is to monitor footwork.


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Monkey in the Middle:

In this technique, the team is divided into a group of three. Each group has one basketball. Two members pass the ball to each other while the third-person stands in the middle as the monkey. He tries to steal the ball that is getting passed between the other two players. In this technique, the team learns how to defend their ball and utilize pivots and fakes for creating an area for passing the ball.

Swing Passing:
In this technique, the team makes up 4 lines in court corners. The team then makes a one or two-handed pass out to their right in front of the player who starts running along the sideline or baseline. Then the passer reaches the end of the line they have passed to. The passing drill is specifically intended for use with younger players or as a warm-up drill. This exercise will strengthen the passing of players on the run and the ability to catch and transfer without dribbling.

Bronze Passing:

Starting on the baseline on the key’s ends, as they sprint down the court to the other baseline, pairs of players will pass one basketball back and forth using a variety of throws. When they get there, the players in the center of the court drop down closer to the sideline and return using a variety of passes. It is a fantastic warm-up passing drill that in a limited period delivers a lot of passes. For players to train, like throws of varying lengths and styles.


Standard scrimmage with no basketball dribbling permitted at any point. Games can be played 3 on 3, 4 on 4, or 5 on 5.

A perfect drill for improving not only passing but also going without a puck, spacing, breaking, etc. This drill will lead to less over-dribbling in games and less turnover.

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