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By entering and using this site, you agree to accept the following privacy notice:

1. Information gathered from the user:

Since is an e-commerce website providing quality Basketball Videos in DVD and Digital Download format, we gather the following information from the user(s) purchasing our products.

a) First and Last Names of the Buyer

b) Shipping address of the Buyer

c) Card Number, Expiration Date, CVV, Name on the Card and the Billing address of the Credit Card Holder (If a credit card is used to make a purchase)

d) Email Address of the User(s) (for sending out invoice, order and shipping details)

e) Information pertaining to user(s) PayPal Account

All the information gathered above is to successfully process a product order on our website.

2. Sharing and Storing of Information:

All information gathered from a), b) and d) ONLY above is stored in our Secure Computing Systems and will be used in future to identify the users easily.

Credit Card and Paypal Account Details of the purchase WILL NOT be stored in our systems.

We DO NOT share any user/buyer information with a third party.

3. Security and Cyber Safety: uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and HTTPS encryption methodologies to protect sensitive user information on pages visited during processing an order.

Only the last 4 digits of the card number will be displayed in the Order Processing Control Panel. However, the entire card information will be transmitted to the Credit Card Issuing Company to verify and process the order.

Information related to a user’s Paypal Account will be transmitted to for verification and order processing. For more information on PayPal Privacy Policy, please visit

4. Shipping and Processing:

Internet Orders: We receive all product orders through our website only. Orders received during regular business days and hours will be processed and shipped within 24 hours. Orders received on holidays or weekends will be processed and shipped within 48 hours.

Currently, we are only shipping to US addresses. We are working on shipping our DVDs worldwide. Digital DVDs can be downloaded worldwide and are immediately available to the customer.

USPS Priority Shipping Charges for US:

Quantity Price
Upto 4 DVDs $10
5 DVDs or more $20


5. Estimated Order Arrival Times:

US/ Canada: We use standard USPS 3-4 day First Class Mail shipping once the order is processed by our office. However, we are NOT responsible for any delays and damages that might arise from delayed delivery by the USPS or other carriers.

6. Order Cancellations, Returns and Refunds

All orders placed on our website, for either digital product or DVDs, are final. We will process both digital download and DVD orders according to the information provided by the user.

There are no refunds or exchanges on any digital products, except in the event has incorrectly processed the order.

If a DVD order needs to be cancelled, please email us the order details at If the DVD order has already been processed, we cannot cancel the order.

If a product buyer is not satisfied, we offer a full 30 day refund or an exchange for any of our other comparable products. Shipping for DVD orders will not be refunded.

All defective DVD returns must be shipped in the condition they were received to:

482 Lindbergh Ave.

Livermore, CA 94551


No refund or exchange is allowed if the DVD is tampered with, damaged, or misused. The buyer is responsible for return shipping charges.

7. Risks, Health and Physical Safety: is commited to providing very high quality Basketball Training Videos. Much of the  training in the videos involves physical activity that might not be suitable to all users. We are NOT responsible for injury, damage or death caused when users imitate and learn from our training videos. Our training videos might require high endurance, good cardiac health and an overall high level of health.  We highly recommend you check with your doctor about risks involved in engaging in intense physical activities like the ones you see or read in our content.

If you get injured or experience any unusual physical symptoms like fatigue during or after training, please consult your doctor. In case of an emergency, please call 911.

8. Damaged / Lost Content is not responsible for lost content. If the buyer feels the content is damaged or tampered, please send us an email with the order details to We will be delighted to send you another copy of the content for free of charge, although a nominal postage and handling charge may be incurred to do so.

We DO NOT replace or refund if the user physically damages the content.

9. Copyrights:

Copyright is the ownership and control of the intellectual property in original works of authorship which are subject to copyright law. Federal law prohibits copying, reproduction and distribution of copyrighted works without explicit authorization from the owner of copyrights.

All content owned and presented on is produced, stored and fully owned by MobiXIP, LLC. We DO NOT authorize anyone to reproduce or distribute the content on our site.

If it is brought to our notice that the content on our site is tampered, copied, reproduced or distributed without our prior permission, MobiXIP, LLC has the right to approach a local law enforcement agency about the same. All details including, but not limited to the first and last names, address, IP address, telephone numbers, card information and any other information asked by the Law Enforcement/ Government Agencies in the process will be disclosed according to the law.

Once again, sincerely thanks all of you for your patronage.