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Princeton Continuity Offense

Coach: Jamie Angeli
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Jamie Angeli teaches the Princeton Offense in his easy-to-understand style that will allow your team to run the offense effectively. Angeli begins with transition into the offense with a sideline break. He then breaks down the wing entry, dribble entry and post entry and all of the actions available from each. The beauty of the offense is its backdoor cuts and Angeli shows where and when and how to find them. He includes special actions, set plays and implements dribble penetration into the Princeton offensive action. The DVD finishes with a series of drills to help teach and implement the offense. Running Time: 65 Minutes.


Chapter Timestamp
Introduction 0:30
Transitioning 3:45
Half court Entries 7:18
Backdoor Actions 26:30
Special Actions 32:50
Set plays 37:15
Using Dribble Penetration 45:45
Drills 49:51

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