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After The Timeout

Coach: Russ Bergman
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This is the first release on our International Coaches Series that features notable coaches from around the world of basketball.

Russ Bergman is currently coaching in Russia and this DVD provides dozens of scoring options to win games when it matters most.As the title says, this is all about having arsenal of play coming out of a timeout.

Coach Bergman even teaches how to organize your players and assistant coaches during the timeout to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of those precious seconds! Included is an insightful interview section with Coach Lason Perkins and Coach Bergman discussing his long career, international basketball, and much more.


Chapter Timestamp
Introduction 0:30
Sideline Out Of Bounds Plays 6:15
Baseline Out Of Bounds Plays 23:05
Full Court Plays 31:28
Half Court Set Plays 47:22
Interview With Russ Bergman 51:12

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