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Attacking Junk Defenses

Coach: Jamie Angeli
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When the opposing team uses a junk defense, they’re telling you one thing: “Your best player isn’t going to beat us tonight.”

This is the ultimate collection of continuity actions and set plays that will destroy any Box & 1 or Triangle & 2 junk defense. When an opposing team decides to ‘Junk’ it up, you need to be prepared!

Coach Jamie Angeli’s diagrams and player demonstrations will walk you through the most comprehensive collection of overloads, pick and rolls, screens, and flare and slip actions that create space and mismatches- and can keep your star player in the game..

Included on the DVD is a printable PDF playbook with more information and additional plays so that you can take the actions with you anywhere!


Chapter Timestamp
Introduction 0:30
Things to consider when facing junk defenses 1:45
Triangle Actions & 2 continuity offenses 42:15

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