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Backdoor Plays

Coach: Lason Perkins
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Product Description

Nothing changes game momentum and crushes a defense like getting an easy backdoor lay-up and this collection of great actions gives you dozens of ways to get easy baskets against aggressive half-court defensive pressure.

Combining whiteboard diagrams and player demonstrations, Coach Lason Perkins teaches plays that can be used successfully at every level of the game. Taken from the play books of the best college teams like Michigan State, Butler, Kansas, and North Carolina and successful high school teams, these are actions to run out of all kinds of alignments including Box, A-Set, 1-4 and more.

Also included are 3 great baseline out of bounds plays that will result in a back door layup. The video contains a printable pdf file for a playbook.


Chapter Timestamp
Introduction 0:00:28
Half Court Plays 0:03:01
Out of Bound Plays 0:21:27
Conclusion 0:24:50

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