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Baylor Advanced Guard Workout

Coach: Scott Drew
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This is the companion piece to the Guard Development Workout and provides the next level in guard development.

Baylor University has produced some of the best guards in the country over the past 5 seasons since Scott Drew and his staff resurrected the program and this DVD details the Advanced 45 minute workout that is used in conjunction with the basic Guard Development Workout.

Filmed at Baylor and conducted with assistant coach Mark Morefield leading the workout, this 8 drill program utilizes drills and actions that maximize offensive sets. Once again beginning with a specific warm up shooting routine, the workout covers using ball screens and down screens, transition scoring skills and rim attacks.

The drills included are Ball Screen Actions, Single/Double Shots, Single/Double Circuit, Change Of Direction Series, Slide Fill & Drift Actions, Transition 3’s, Inside Outside Actions, and 5 Spot Finishes.


Chapter Timestamp
Introduction 0:00:28
Warm up shooting 0:01:47
Ball screen Actions 0:06:10
Single Double Shots 0:12:00
Single Double Circuit 0:15:42
Change of Direction Series 0:18:48
Slide,Fill & Drill Actions 0:22:32
Transition 3's 0:27:12
Inside Outside Actions 0:29:46
5 spot Finishes 0:32:15
Conclusion 0:37:21

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