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Coach: GREG CLink
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If you think the focus of coaching is X’s and O’s, then this is a DVD that will challenge your thinking and might just change your approach! Coach Greg Clink of Chico State details 10 critical principles and ideas that emphasize the values of Character, Work, Accountability and more.

Everybody wants to win… but do you have the organizational foundation to win consistently year in and year out? Is your program a billboard that speaks to Pride? How do you and your team handle the Daily Grind?

Any coach looking to truly create a championship environment needs this title in their library.


Chapter Timestamp
Introduction 0:00:37
1. People First 0:03:42
2: Standards We Live By 0:08:59
3. Pride In Your Product 0:11:35
4. The Daily Grind 0:14:05
5. Relish In Your Role 0:18:05
6. Be A Billboard 0:19:59
7. Transparency 0:22:16
8. Accountability 0:26:05
9. Service 0:29:17
10. Relationships Rule all 0:31:21
Conclusion 0:34:10

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