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fusion offense

Coach: Jamie Angeli
The What and Why of the Fusion Offense as presented by Coach Jamie Angeli and FullCourtBasketball.com: Do you like the actions and elements of the Pr...Read More
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Product Description

The What and Why of the Fusion Offense as presented by Coach Jamie Angeli and FullCourtBasketball.com:

Do you like the actions and elements of the Princeton Offense?
Do you like the spacing and options of the Triangle Offense?
Do you like the entries and balance of the 1-4 Offense?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of those questions, then you will love the Fusion Offense by Coach Jamie Angeli.
Want to be impossible to scout? Want your team to be hard to guard?
Want your phone to ring from other area coaches asking what offense your program is using because they can’t figure it out?
The Fusion Offense is your unique new offensive scheme that teams at every level of the game have been using with championship results.
Why? Because the Fusion Offense is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a deadly offense that is based on some of the best elements of three of the most successful and game proven basketball offenses ever.
And now by combining those certain concepts and actions from multiple offenses into an easy to teach and easy to implement broad offense system, The Fusion Offense is being used by innovative coaches around the world.
If you’re looking to bring an “unfair advantage” to each game, The Fusion Offense is it.

The Fusion Offense is divided into multiple chapters that offer scoring actions and practice drills categorized as:

  • Introduction
  • Basic & Culmination Alignments
  • Post Entry
  • Wing Entry
  • Dribble Entry
  • Pinch Post/2 Man Game Actions
  • Triangle Actions
  • Pressure Release Actions
  • Practice Drills
  • Bonus Drills
  • What you get in this FullCourtBasketball.com package:
Whether you like dribble penetration, backdoor cuts, 2 man game play, screening actions, perimeter shooting actions, pick and roll actions or post play actions, this Fusion Offense video has all of the best actions that are so difficult to guard and all the effective set plays and actions you need to force sound defensive play in the half court. The legendary Triangle actions and philosophies of the Hall Of Famers Phil Jackson and Tex Winters, the Princeton playbook actions of Hall Of Famer Pete Carril and basic spacing and cutting actions utilized by some of the most important and winning coaches at all levels of basketball – including Steve Kerr and Tom Izzo. Plus the high 1-4 spacing that Greg Popovich and Coach K have always emphasized with unparalleled results. These are plays and actions used by teams at every level of the game – from high schools and youth level teams and programs around the world, championship NCAA Mens and Womens programs – and even in the NBA and the Euro League.

How the information in the Fusion Offense by Coach Jamie Angeli is presented:

Coach Jamie Angelo presents the Fusion Offense in a variety of ways that make learning and ultimately sharing and teaching the actions easy and effective.
The Fusion Offense features:
Clear and extensive player demonstrations on-court that provide both a real time and slow motion look at each play and action from start to finish.

Dynamic and deep whiteboard diagramming that captures the live player action visuals in a similar manner to bench time/game time and practice teaching with verbal cues and descriptions.

Instructional and Informative graphics are embedded throughout the video footage of both the player demonstrations and the whiteboard diagramming so that all the key teaching elements are highlighted.
Multiple camera angles and verbal explanations and visual cues are included throughout each play demonstration and diagramming and breakdown.

And because repetition is the mother of information retention and skill development, each play is broken down into multiple steps and actions that reinforce critical information and the keys to making each of the Princeton Offense actions and plays as effective as possible.

And the DVD version of the Fusion Offense contains a printable pdf booklet with additional plays, drills, diagrams and more useful information

The Fusion Offense Coach:
Coach Jamie Angeli is one of the most important teachers in the basketball Training information business. He is the author of books and articles on virtually every basketball topic and is high value trusted resource by other coaches around the world for insight, information, and expert analysis. He has coached teams and programs around the globe at every level of the game and has appeared in numerous video presentations and at coaching clinics for beginning to experienced coaches. The Fusion Offense is a classic Coach Jamie Angeli presentation of useful and winning information that will help any team and program add hard to guard plays and actions to their playbook.


Chapter Timestamp
Chapter 1: Introduction 0:00:30
Chapter 2: Starting and culmination 0:01:45
chapter 3: Post Entry 0:04:45
chapter 4: Wing entry 0:15:10
chapter 5: DRIBBLE entry actions 0:18:50
Chapter 6: Pinch post/2 Man Game actions 0:21:50
chapter 7: Triangle Actions 0:26:50
chapter 8: Pressure release Actions 0:36:40
chapter 9: Practice Drills 0:44:18
chapter 10 :Conclusion 0:59:10

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