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fusion offense

Coach: Jamie Angeli
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Jamie Angeli’s Fusion Offense combines the 1-4 high, sideline triangle and Princeton styles into one cohesive offensive system.

Coach Angeli uses whiteboard diagrams and player demonstrations for the the post, wing and dribble entries into the offense that starts in the 1-4 set and culminates in the sideline triangle and 2-man game set made famous by Tex Winter’s offensive system.

All of the options from each pass with each entry are shown and actions from the pinch post and triangle sides are demonstrated. Angeli adds pressure release actions and drills to complete the DVD.

Included on the DVD is a diagrammed PDF playbook of every play that you easily print out so that you can take the play actions with you anywhere!


Chapter Timestamp
Chapter 1: Introduction 0:30
Chapter 2: Starting and culmination 1:45
chapter 3: Post Entry 4:45
chapter 4: Wing entry 15:10
chapter 5: DRIBBLE entry actions 18:50
Chapter 6: Pinch post/2 Man Game actions 21:50
chapter 7: Triangle Actions 26:50
chapter 8: Pressure release Actions 36:40
chapter 9: Practice Drills 44:18
chapter 10 :Conclusion 59:10

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