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High-Low Triangle Offense

Coach: Lason Perkins
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The High-Low Triangle incorporates concepts from the famous Tex Winter Triple-Post offense, commonly known as the Triangle offense; the Flex offense; and the Shuffle-Cut offense. It provides constant movement, screening and good floor spacing, and offers a variety of options that allow you to take advantage of your talented players. Because the High-Low Triangle is effective against both man-to-man defenses and zone defenses, it provides tremendous flexibility with multiple entries and options. Whether you have a great outside shooting team or a dominant inside presence- or neither- this is a powerful offense at any level of play!!!
Chapters Include: Basic Alignment and Movements Continuity Motion Against Man-To-Man Defense Options Against Man-To-Man Defense Entries Against Man-To-Man Defense Post Feed Actions Continuity Motion Against Zone Defenses Options Against Zone Defenses Entries Against Zone Defenses Deadball Entries Features: On-court player demonstrations Dynamic Whiteboard diagrams Slow motion footage Multiple camera angles Instructional graphics View Video.


Chapter Timestamp
Introduction and history 1:40
Basic Alignment & Movement 3:14
Man to Man continuity 8:35
Options vs Man to Man Defense 9:25
Entries Against Man to Man Defenses 19:45
Post Feed Actions 33:00
Basic Pattern vs Zone Defenses 37:15
Options Against Zone Defenses 42:18
Entries Against Zone Defects 48:21
Deadball Entries 55:22

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