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In-Bounds Plays

Coach: Greg Clink
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Every coach needs to know how to great shots and open looks with limited time on the clock, and this DVD is an encyclopedia of those actions that can make or break a season or a game.

Greg Clink of Chico State University offers great ways to get multiple opportunities from a variety of places on the court – whether you need a 2 or a 3 point play.

With over 16 scoring actions from a sideline out of bounds plays, almost 10 from baseline inbounds situations, 5 full court plays and a handful of special actions involving free throws and advancing the ball for a timeout, this a ‘must have’ addition to your arsenal of plays.

Complete with whiteboard diagrams and player demonstrations, this offering shows why Coach Clink is a rising coaching star in the college ranks.


Chapter Timestamp
Intoduction 0:30
Sideline Out Of Bounds Plays 3:35
Baseline Out Of Bounds Plays 20:28
Full Court Plays 30:20
Special Situations 35:05
Conclusion 37:47

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