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“K.O.” Defense

Coach: Kevin ONeill
K.O Defense by Kevin O'Neill WOW! If you're looking to super-charge your defense, get this DVD!K.O Defense with Kevin O'Neill.Coach Kevin O'Neill...Read More
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K.O Defense by Kevin O’Neill
WOW! If you’re looking to super-charge your defense, get this DVD!

K.O Defense with Kevin O’Neill.Coach Kevin O’Neill is known as one of the game’s great defensive minds and this is a remarkable clinic of man to man defense ideas that will excite and motivate any coach to make his team better on the defensive end of the floor. Beginning with a Core Beliefs recitation of No Layups and No 3’s, KO offers incredible insights and nuggets of wisdom on Half Court Defense and Transition Defense and why the two have to work together.

A great set of half-court, basketball and advantage/disadvantage drills is covered, as is a unique approach to defending pick and roll actions – “Downing The Screen.”

Among KO’s pearls of wisdom is his simple assessment of defensive position: “There’s only three places you can be: on the ball providing tremendous pressure, in the correct help position, or on the bench!”


Opening thoughts0:02:51
Core Beliefs0:04:34
Transition Defense0:08:36
Half court Defense0:17:14
Transition Drills0:23:47
4 On 4 Half Court Drills0:31:30
"Downing" Screens0:46:55
5 On 5 Drills0:51:45
3 On 31:06:22
Final Thoughts1:10:19

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