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Man To Man Quick Hitters

Coach: Scott Drew and Mark Morefield
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The high scoring Baylor Bears program under Coach Scott Drew and his staff have made it a habit of running some of the most effective man to man scoring actions in the country. Focusing on actions that provide multiple screens and usually have both an inside and an outside shot option, Assistant Coach Mark Morefield diagrams and explains 15 great plays that are the cornerstone of the Bears’ man to man offense. Whether you want 3 point shots, inside looks or pick & roll actions, these are game proven, road tested, and hard to guard actions. Rather than focusing on complex and lengthy actions, these plays are classic quick hitters that can get you great shots in a few seconds..


Chapter Timestamp
Introduction 0:00:33
PR 0:00:50
Chicago 0:03:40
Detroit 0:05:31
Celtics 0:06:46
Minnesota Triple 0:08:31
Baseline Triple 0:10:13
Miami 0:11:09
Toronto 0:13:09
Lakers 0:14:19
Oklahoma City 0:15:50
Cavaliers 0:18:20
End Of Half/Game Ending Quick Hitter 0:21:35
Box X 0:23:12
Spurs 0:24:07
Dallas 0:25:26
Conclusion 0:26:31

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