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Open Post Offense

Coach: Lason Perkins
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The Open-Post is one of the most powerful and effective offenses in basketball today.

It’s designed to create good spacing and movement by spreading the defense in the half-court and utilizing constant basket cutting and screening actions.

The offensive spacing allows for drive-and-kick play and plenty of one on one scoring opportunities.

The Open-Post offense has all the classic elements of a motion-type of scheme but also allows options and entries to be predicated by the talent on your team.

It can be used as a regular offense against a man-to-man defense or as as delay game, and is effective whether teams play an aggressive or a sagging man defense.


Chapter Timestamp
Introduction 1:40
The Cutting Series 14:45
The Screening Series 21:28
Entries 26:42
Baseline Options 35:21
Post Options 42:12
Pick & Roll Options 47:50
Special Adjustments 56:25
Drills 1:01:15
Conclusion 1:03:35

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