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Coach: Lason Perkins
Top Secrets of International Basketball with Coach Lason Perkins The What and Why of Secrets Of International Basketball as presented by C...Read More
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Top Secrets of International Basketball with Coach Lason Perkins

The What and Why of Secrets Of International Basketball as presented by Coach Lason Perkins and FullCourtBasketball.com:
This is considered the greatest and earliest study of the plays and actions of International Basketball – and all of these schemes are now used extensively around the world. This is an absolute treasury of incredible and unique scoring actions and plays that Coach K, Steve Kerr, David Blatt, Ettore Messina, and so many others have made commonplace in today’s game.
Everything from Driible Hand Off actions to Pick & Pop, Roll & Replace, Drive & Kick…Horns and A-Set plays…There are so many actions and counters and schemes, you’ll probably throw out your current playbook and utilize everything here instead.
This comprehensive presentation includes over 65 great scoring actions that are designed to create powerful scoring opportunities against both man to man defenses and zone defenses. Plus there is an exclusive interview with Turkey’s legendary coach Oktay Mahmuti.

Secrets Of International Basketball is divided into multiple chapters that offer scoring actions categorized as:

  • Driible Hand-Off/Weave
  • Drive & Kick
  • Pick & Pop
  • A-Set Actions
  • Out Of Bounds Plays
  • Game Film Breakdown
  • Roll & Replace
  • Sudden Ball Screens
  • Practice Drills

And of course, Secrets Of International Full Court Basketball action can be modified to fit your team personnel and opponent strengths and weaknesses.

What you get in this FullCourtBasketball.com package:

You get dozens of deadly and effective plays and actions and counters first devised and utilized by international basketball squads, but now used all around the world. These plays have subsequently been utilized by numerous Hall of Famers such as Coach K, Pat Riley, Brad Stevens, Chuck Daly, Jay Wright, Tom Izzo and others. Used by teams at every level of basketball play – from the NBA and the Euro League, NCAA Men’s and Women’s programs – and high schools and youth level teams and club programs around the world – proof positive that the information in Secrets Of International Basketball is a powerful action that should be in your playbook too…

How the information in Secrets Of International Basketball by Coach Lason Perkins is presented:

Coach Lason Perkins presents the Secrets Of International Basketball information in a variety of different methods that make learning and ultimately sharing and teaching the actions easy and effective.

Secrets Of International Basketball Features:

  • On-court player demonstrations that provide both a real time and slow motion look at the play from start to finish.
  • Detailed whiteboard diagramming that encapsulates the live action visual in a manner similar to game time and practice time teaching
  • Instructional graphics embedded in the video footage of both the player demonstrations and the whiteboard diagramming so that certain key elements are highlighted
  • Verbal explanations and multiple camera angles and visual cues are included throughout each play demonstration and diagramming and breakdown
  • Breakdown and analysis of actual international basketball game footage.
  • Interview with legendary Turkish Basketball coach Oktay Mahmuti.

And because repetition is the mother of information retention and skill development, each play is broken down into multiple steps and actions that reinforce critical information and the keys to making plays and actions in  Secrets Of International Basketball as effective as possible.

The Secrets Of International Basketball Coach:

Coach Lason Perkins is a legend in the basketball information business. He is the author of hundreds of articles and basketball topic breakdowns and a trusted go-to source for insight, information, and expert analysis. He has starred in numerous video presentations and coaching clinics – and Secrets Of International Basketball plays collection is a classic Coach Lason Perkins presentation of useful and winning information that will help any team and program add hard to guard plays and actions to their playbook.
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Chapter Timestamp
Introduction 0:01:41
Game film Breakdown 0:03:41
"Drive & Kick Game film" 0:04:15
"A-Set" Game Flim 0:08:11
"Extra Pass" Game Film 0:15:35
Dribble Hand-Off/Weave 0:17:27
Pick and Pop 0:28:35
A set Actions 0:40:15
Drive & Kick 0:45:28
Conclusion 1:07:55
Exclusive Interview with Coach Oktay Mahmuti 1:08:51

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