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super scoring skills

Coach: steve ball
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Product Description

Coach Steve Ball teaches players how to finish in the post and from the perimeter. The post finishes include a power series, forward pivot series and a reverse pivot series. Each series contains multiple scoring moves and one advanced scoring move. Coach Ball demonstrates four wing attacks including pivots, one-foot finshes, two-foot finishes and anchor leg finishes. The video finishes with two drills: the daily dozen and advanced two-minute drill that can be used as invidivual workouts.


Chapter Timestamp
Introduction 0:00:37
Post Moves : Getting Open 0:02:01
Post Moves : Power Series 0:03:37
Post Moves : Forward Pivot Series 0:08:46
Post Moves : Reverse Pivot Series 0:13:06
Post Moves : Review 0:16:12
Wing Attacks : Pivots 0:17:29
Wing Attacks : 1 Foot Finishes 0:18:11
Wing Attacks : 2 foot finishes 0:19:37
Wing Attacks : Anchor Leg Finishes 0:21:33
Wing Attacks : Review 0:23:44
Drills : Daily Dozen 0:24:27
Drills : Advanced 2 minute Drill 0:26:40
Conclusion 0:31:25

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