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Teaching Toughness

Coach: Ed Madec
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Fresno City College coach Ed Madec, who has won over 85% of his games, shares his philosophy, his practice drills, and his teaching points that will help you create a championship culture, a positive environment, and teams and players that will thrive in the toughest games and situations.

Getting more rebounds, having fewer turnovers, and not allowing layups by the opposition are three of the keys to Coach Madec’s success, and the practice drills on the this DVD will demonstrate how this philosophy is put into action – by utilizing advantage/disadvantage, eliminating dribbles, emphasizing communication, using medicine balls, and creating adversity and difficult situations throughout practice.

This DVD is filled with incredible teaching points, important details, and 6 of the most unique and best practice drills ever created.


Chapter Timestamp
Introduction 0:00:52
Ed Madec On Coaching 0:01:47
Animal Charge Drill 0:07:40
Medicine Ball Rebounding drill 0:16:04
Capped Rim Transition Game 0:37:24
Tight Space passing drill 0:50:28
Window Reads Drill 1:04:15
Team Fire Drill 1:28:55
Conclusion 1:53:45

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