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Tempo Control & Delay Sets

Coach: Lason Perkins
Tempo Control & Delay Sets with Coach Lason Perkins. The What and Why of Tempo Control & Delay Sets as presented by Coach Lason Perkins and F...Read More
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Product Description

Tempo Control & Delay Sets with Coach Lason Perkins.

The What and Why of Tempo Control & Delay Sets as presented by Coach Lason Perkins and FullCourtBasketball.com:

Even with shot clocks and team talent disparity, controlling tempo can be the difference between winning and losing. This presentation includes 12 basic sets and alignments that provide not only effective clock management but deadly scoring actions that are designed to use the clock, shorten the game and win. Every one of these sets and alignments provides great and easy scoring opportunities against teams that either utilize an aggressive man to man pressure defense, or are trailing on the scoreboard and looking to gamble and trap in an effort to create turnovers. By using motion, backdoor cuts, and weakside threats, these Tempo Control and Delay Sets actions provide multiple ways to score easy layups.

Tempo Control & Delay Sets is divided into 12 specific chapters that offer the following actions:

  • 4-Low
  • 5-High
  • Four Corners
  • Rapid Cut Delay
  • Alley Cat Delay
  • Marquette Spread
  • Box Delay
  • 2-Man Give & Go
  • False Motion
  • Three Corners
  • Triangle Delay
  • Tiger Paws Stack

And of course, all of the Tempo Control or Delay Sets plays and actions can be modified to fit your specific team personnel and region shot clock rules.

What do you get in this FullCourtBasketball.com package?

You get 12 deadly and effective tempo control plays and delay set actions utilized by some of the most important and winning coaches at all levels of basketball – including such Hall Of Famers as Dean Smith, Al McGuire, Tex Winter, Skip Prosser, Bill Self, Pete Carril, Tubby Smith and others. These are plays and actions used by youth teams, high school champions… NCAA Mens and Womens programs at all levels – and some of the actions have been utilized as end of clock set plays by teams in the NBA and the Euro League and by various international basketball clubs like Fullcourtbasketball around the world.

How the information in Tempo Control and Delay Sets by Lason Perkins is presented:

Coach Lason Perkins presents Tempo Control with Delay Sets information in a variety of different methods that make learning and ultimately sharing and teaching these 12 actions easy and effective at practice or as a refresher in a sideline huddle or halftime break.

Tempo Control & Delay Sets features:

On-court player demonstrations that provide both a real time and slow motion look at the actions and plays from start to finish.

Dynamic whiteboard diagramming that encapsulates the live action visual in a manner similar to game time and practice time teaching and incorporates critically important teaching points.

Instructional graphics populate the video footage of both the player demonstrations and the whiteboard diagramming so that certain key elements for success are highlighted and reinforced.

Step by step verbal explanations, visual cues and multiple camera angles are included throughout each play demonstration and diagramming and breakdown for better information retention.

And because repetition is the mother of successful implementation and skill development, each play is broken down into sequential steps and actions that reinforce critical information and the keys to making each Tempo Control with Delay Sets action as effective as possible.

The Tempo Control with Delay Sets Coach:

Coach Lason Perkins is a legend in the basketball information business. He is the author of hundreds of articles and basketball topic breakdowns and a trusted go-to source for insight, information, and expert analysis. He has starred in numerous video presentations and coaching clinics – and this Tempo Control & Delay Sets collection is a classic Coach Lason Perkins presentation of useful and winning information that will help any team and program add hard to guard plays and actions to their playbook.

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Chapter Timestamp
The seven golden rules of tempo control 0:03:33
Triangle delay 0:05:16
Tiger Paws Stack 0:09:58
Three Corners 0:14:09
Marquette Spread 0:18:12
False Motion 0:22:22
Alley Cat Delay 0:26:01
Box Delay 0:30:42
Rapid Cut Delay 0:34:45
5-High 0:39:02
2-Man Give & Go 0:42:50
Four Corners 0:46:30
4-Low 0:50:51

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