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Zone Killers

Coach: Lason Perkins
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Product Description

Finally! A definitive collection of zone-defense specific offensive knowledge from Coach Perkins! This an unparalleled collection of deadly zone-destroying plays and actions! With Zone Killers in your library, you’ll want teams to play a zone defense against you. Over 40 set plays, quick hitters, and in-bounds actions are covered in detail and whether you’re attacking even-front or odd-front zones, you’ll have an arsenal of choices to pound the ball inside or take wide open 3 pointers.

Plus with more and more teams opting to play aggressive half-court traps, it’s critical to have actions to nullify that approach- and Coach Perkins shares with you a handful of alignments and movements that will lead to great looks and scoring opportunities. Make teams pay for trying to play a zone defense!


Chapter Timestamp
Introduction 1:28
Set Plays 6:18
Inbounds Play 1:02:00
Attacking Half Court Traps 1:08:00

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