Your presence here shows that you are looking for some best basketball drills that prove helpful to you in developing your basketball moves. In this section, we have organized a list of 10 best basketball drills for players, trainers, coaches, and youth players.

Best Basketball Drills You Should Bring in Your Practice Plan:

It is essential for players to practice basketball drills in order to improve and evolve their skills. There are so many basketball drills out there. Some drills are to improve ball handling moves, some drills are to enhance shooting skills while some drills are for team offense and team defense. For better athletic development, players should bring all these different drills in their practice plan. Because every basketball drill is designed to upgrade and supplement a specific basketball move. So, after a good warm up, spend needed time practicing these different drills.

Here in this section, you’ll find basketball videos and DVDs for shooting drills, mandatory basketball moves, drills for ball screen moves, drills for dribble triple threat & pass and shoot on the dribble, drills for ball handling and best drills to practice offense and defense. We have sorted a list of all the best basketball drills below.

Offense Drills

This is one of the best collection of team offenses introduced by coach lason Perkins. With this training video for offensive moves, youth players and other level players can get help to supplement their offense moves. Within this DVD, the instructions are divided into two categories. Nine sets are specifically designed for man to man defensive moves and 6 sets are specially designed for zone defenses. All the instructions related to the offense are clearly mentioned in the training video. All the useful actions and moves regarding offensive play are included in this section of

This segment is a collection of many important basketball offenses that individual players, as well as a whole team, can use for better performance on the basketball court. So, whether you are a youth player or a higher level player, you can make use of these moves while playing.

This category of offense drill contains the best actions for man-to-man attack presented by coach Steve ball of Napa valley CC. With this offense drill in your practice session, you will be able to perform better offense on the basketball court. In addition to basic offense training, other training sections are also included in this collection such as dribbling drills, wing and post entries. In the start, you’ll find some basic teachings and instructions regarding offense while afterward, you will find other practice drills which include dribble entry special, post entry special and wing entry special.

This offense is going to help you a lot in the playing field whether you are scoring inside or outside. This DVD contains outstanding drills for the offense. If you want to get trained in the offense area, have this amazing collection at a reasonable price.

Siena head coach Mitch Buanoaguro is going to teach you motion offense drills in this DVD. This legendary coach will train you in many areas of offensive plays. Whether you are looking for some effective drill for getting the ball down the side or into the post OR screening action within the break, this section includes all of it. The coach will also share some of his personal experience related to motion set and how to emphasize spacing with strong and weak side actions.

Overall, in this basketball offense training DVD you will get three inbounds plays and five late game plays. You’ll also get eight plays that prove helpful when coming out of a time-out. Hence, if you want to work on all the above mention areas, buy this awesome DVD of motion offense basketball. This is certainly going to benefit you in uplifting your athletic abilities. presents a training drill designed for fusion offense. No matter if it’s sideline triangle, 1-4 high and Princeton style, Jamie Angeli is going to teach you all these styles in a cohesive form. This epic coach uses whiteboard diagrams in his training. He will teach you how to perform wing, dribble and post moves in 1-4 set while you are playing offense along with sideline triangle and 2-man game set. Other helpful ideas you will get in this DVD are actions related to pinch post and triangle sides. Furthermore, Jamie will teach you some basics related to offense and pressure release drills.

This DVD also includes pdf display of every step taught in the video so that you can take printouts of each action with you to your workout place. Get benefitted with this epic collection of offense training plays and maximize your performance by practicing these useful drills.

High-low triangle offense is listed among the most effective drills for offense training. This DVD containing high-low triangle offensive drill is instructed by lason Perkins. This drill is specifically designed for man-to-man attack and for zone defenses. Players will be able to learn various contrasting factors related to triple post attack. In this section of basketball training videos, you are going to learn and score easily for such opposing team that uses man to man or zone defense. For this purpose, 40 great and effective scoring actions are presented on the DVD. The basic set of information is included in this segment and other useful concepts are also included for better understanding.

This is going to train you in many areas such as man to man continuity, options vs man to man defense, entries against man to man defenses, post feed actions and options against zone defenses. So, what are you waiting for, buy this amazing stack of beneficial offensive plays to improve your offense.

The open post offense training video is presented by the epic coach Lason Perkins. In this training section, you will learn how to perform open post defense in the best possible way. You will learn the best tactics and actions to put your top player against a single defender and how to play sharp backdoor cut for an easy layup. Moreover, with this DVD you are going to learn the best motion offense actions that use cutting, screening and pick & roll play. This will help you better understand the tactics used while playing three points of open shots.

Many other areas are also covered in this presentation like super scoring and other basic teachings. So, if you are looking for the best effective drill for offense, this DVD is going to be the best pick. Buy this amazing basketball offense training video suitable price and make your practice session productive.

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Defense Drills

In this training video, Jamie Angeli is going to instruct the best junk defenses that absolutely works when you are playing defense. This amazing collection of defense drills is stuffed with important defensive plays such as diamond & 1 and triangle & 2. With the help of whiteboard diagrams and live representation of players, the coach will teach you some exceptional strategies that you can use to take the opponent’s best player out of the game.

With the complete guild lines and instructions related to these effective strategies of playing defense, Jamie will also teach you the rules and regulations of this play. So, if you want your team to play the best defense, buy this excellent coaching DVD and take your game to the next level.

If you are a basketball coach and looking for some applicable basketball drills for the defensive development of your team, then you are at the right spot. This training video is presented by coach Kevin O’Neil who is the best coach having great defensive tactics. In this video, Kevin is going to teach the best man to man defense plays that you can use while training your basketball team. He will teach you why and how to transition defense and half-court defense work together and how to perform these two defense plays smoothly.

In addition to his core beliefs, other effective drills for better training are also present in the video. These drills include 4-on-4 half court drills, roll actions for downing the screens, 5-5 drills, 3-3 drills and rebounding drills.

One of the top assistant coaches Silvey Dominguez represents his proficiency and skills in this training video. The defense he is going to teach you in this DVD is one of the best game proven, effective and most successful defenses. This is going to help you create a team with a strong defensive area. You will get some teaching points for drilling and fine tuning. This defense is applicable for either beginner players or for any high level players. Silvey has made it easy to understand the dos and don’ts of this effective defense and thus you can use it to train high school and junior high school teams.

This defense drill helps a lot in creating the most defensive team. Other areas that are covered in this single video are guard home bases, forward home bases, the funnel and five player slides. Ball screens, dribble drive motions and many more drills using the matchup zone are also the main focus of the video. Hence, buy this outstanding defense training video and be productive while training yourself.


This assembly line defense skill builder is a collection of many useful drills introduced by Jamie Angeli. If you think that you and your team players are not able to breakdown some basketball moves correctly, you should bring these drills in your workout plan. As these drills are the most effective and beneficial. Assembly line defense skill is a total of nine basketball drills that are collected to bring rapid progressiveness in the player’s activity and help them improve their physical abilities. All the plays included in the video prove challenging to the player and hence it plays a major role in developing the athletic movements.

Drills that help in covering up different areas are added in this presentation such as the shredder, the perfect 5, Karl Malone, triple shot weave, the gauntlet, 3 on 3 on 3 cutthroat and the shooting machine. All the instructions regarding how to perform these drills are given in the video. Therefore, buy this amazing training video or DVD and make your practice worthy.

Other Useful Drills

In addition to the above mentioned basketball drills, we also have some competitive drills that your players can practice to play better defense and offense against their opponents. So, train yourself in the best way by having these top basketball drills in your device.

It is introduced by one of the best coaches Ed Madec, who is known for his great teaching points and best practice drills. This video will help you to be able to get more rebounds and have fewer turnovers. And thus the player will be able to handle difficult situations in the game and be successful.

  • How to Defend Ball Screens

It is one of the best training videos for ball screening drills presented by Steve Masiello. Steve will teach you four methods to defend the ball screening. And the coach will also give you some tips to crack the pick and roll defenses. Either you are a starter or you are at any other level, this video contains many useful tips.