Youth basketball drills are specifically designed for small kids as a lot of parents are concerned to teaching their kids some drills from the beginning. Coaching a young basketball team is one of the most fun and demanding, activities you’ll ever take on. If you’re doing it to spend more time with your kids, make a commitment to your society, or just share your passion for the game, proper planning is important to success. Below you’ll find the most famous and fun youth basketball and coaching services.

Beat The Pro:

Beat the pro is a fun game that made me learn a lot when I was growing up. The greatest advantage was that beat the pro held me in the gym for a long time. I wouldn’t leave the gym until I beat Joe Dumars, Dominique Wilkins, or whatever star I played against. Luckily, it can be just as useful to you on your basketball trip.

The second advantage I’ve got from this game is that it’s fun and my passion for basketball has grown. Days that I didn’t have someone to play basketball with, I was going to get my ball to the park and play against Jordan, it was really fun for me, and I’d continue to play even though I was all alone.

Another advantage I’ve got from this game is that it made me a better shooter. I had to work on shooting and being a great shooter so I could win the game. In the end, the game will evolve with you. You’re never going to be too good to play beat the pro. If you can normally make 12 shots in a row, you can get 12 points for your pro.


George Mikan was the first NBA superstar. He was a wonderful guy who was dominating near the hoop. This drill is directed towards finishing around the basket in both hand and footwork. Finishing in basketball training is a vital talent to have, even the top offensive players are incredibly effective at finishing games over and under the defence with hands.

There’s also the reverse Mikan, which is where you face the opposite direction at the other end of the court. The footwork is the same, the only difference is that you’re going to fire your templates back over your head for reverse layouts. With this drill, you’re going to finish around the basket like a professional.


Pistols Pete Maravich was one of the best ball handlers in the NBA’s history. He was known for his exciting play of tricky ball handling and throws, these drills concentrate mainly on ball handling, hand-eye coordination, and hand quickness.

There are stationary drills where you stand in one position either taking a ball around your body or dribbling around your body.


A jump stop is a technique of hopping from one foot and landing on 2 feet. This is an excellent drill you can incorporate into your training and watch your footwork improve.┬áThis is an absolutely critical drill for your development. This drill will lower the number of times you travel, improve your balance, and improve your ability to pivot and create space. It’s very simple, but also very important and effective.